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Kevin Moshir, Partner
Mr. Kevin Moshir is currently a principal partner at Moshir Venture Partners (MVP), a private equity firm specializing in unique early stage investment offerings. As a principal partner, Moshir oversees all strategic and operational areas of the firm including all aspects of portfolio planning and partner relations.

In addition to his role as principal, Moshir is also currently the acting president of CellTrust Corporation, a Secure Mobile Information Management (SMIM) software and services company that takes content important to everyday life and optimizes its accessibility and usability via the mobile device.


Prior to MVP and CellTrust, Moshir was president and co-founder of PatchLink Corporation, a global security management software and service provider that through his leadership achieved exceptional innovation and growth. He successfully established a solid infrastructure for the company and transformed its culture into an innovative, dynamic and highly motivated group of professionals operating in a process-driven environment.

With over 20 years of experience, Moshir is highly skilled in managing business expansion in rapid growth environments. Particularly focused on implementation of Enterprise Security and Resource Planning systems for process re-engineering and secure automation of operational tasks, he takes great pride in supporting the formulation of new innovations, concepts and creative ideas that strategically promote positive and sustainable structured growth.

Moshir is also co-owner and board member of KSB, LLC, ISCapital, LLC and Kavir, LLC, commercial real estate investment firms with property holdings in Arizona. He is a former part-owner and board member of ISmart, LLC, a large-scale systems integrator of personal computers. He has also formerly held ownership interests and served as a board member for Interactive Services, Inc., an information technology service provider, and ISmart Technologies Inc., a leading provider of integrated business management solutions for small- and medium-sized companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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